MCSP is a private non-profit 501(C)4 corporation (founded in 1939)

The MCSP is not an agency or department of the County of Monterey or the Sheriffs Department

Monterey County Sheriff's Posse Inc.

395 Old Natividad Road

P.O. Box 1547

Salinas, CA 93902


Supporting the Western & Ranching Heritage

of the Salinas Valley since 1939

Greg Painter

Wayne Clark

Kevin DeBelle

Gary Waller                     President

Richard Holland             Captain

Matt Cole                          1st Lt.

Bill Nelson                       2nd Lt.

Tom Polyniak                  Treasurer

Gary Beasley                   Secretary

Carl Pacheco                   Past President

2015 Man of the Year    Richard Holland

Monterey County Sheriff - Steve Bernal

2017 Posse Officers & Directors

Officers                                                   Directors 2015 -2017                      Directors 2016 - 2018                      Directors 2017 - 2019

 Monterey County Sheriff's Posse

Thank You! 

MY Auto Group 

for your sponsorship of the

5th Annual Classic Car Show at MCSP.


Blake Pacheco

Joe James

Buzz Nelson

Salinas Auto Mall

​444 Auto Center Cir, Salinas


"Low Prices Every Day"

Peter Chiang

Wayne Farrell

Casey Grossen